Melanie Allmond


Melanie Allmond is a former NC Law Enforcement Officer.  She is still very active in the LE & Protective Services community and was awarded four commendations during her service.  Melanie is a certified NC DOJ Concealed Carry Instructor, NC Private Protective Services Instructor for Pistol/Carbine/Shotgun, NRA Certified Training Counselor, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and ASP Tactical Baton & Handcuffing Instructor.  She teaches a variety of civilian pistol classes ranging from beginner to advanced as well as multiple platforms for Security and Law Enforcement personnel.  Also, if you are interested in Ladies Only classes check out Melanie’s Ladies Only Concealed Carry Handgun course and more!  Even though Melanie has been an avid shooter since childhood, she also enjoys playing piano, drawing, and competitive equestrian sports (stadium jumping). Come train with Melanie.  You’ll be glad you did!