• Chief Firearms Instructor for PBR-Matthews
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Creator of the PBR Defensive Pistol Series
  • Received training from nationally recognized instructors such as Larry Vickers, Chris Costa and Pat McNamara
  • Provided firearms training to local area instructors and training academies in the Greater Charlotte area



Daniel  Richardson is one of the Premier tactical trainers in NC, he specializes in Defensive Marksmanship training. He teaches performance based training programs that move at the pace of each individual student, allowing faster forms of learning to occur. Daniel has trained military, law enforcement and civilians in his 10+ year career as a firearms instructor. He has developed curriculums for numerous academies and has trained local firearms instructors in both North and South Carolina. He has also provided training to F.A.S.T company team members, Army Rangers and other specialized units. Daniel will make you a better shooter regardless of skill level, come train with Daniel today. You’ll be glad you did!