Daniel Richardson


• Head Firearms Instructor for PBR-Matthews
• NRA Pistol Instructor
• NC DOJ Concealed Carry Instructor
• NRA Range Safety Officer
• Creator of the PBR Defensive Pistol Series
• Received training from nationally recognized instructors such as Larry Vickers & Chris Costa
• Provided firearms training to local area instructors and training academies in the Greater Charlotte area



Daniel brings almost 10 years of firearms training experience to Point Blank Range. One of his mentors is Larry Vickers whom he continues to train with and has learned a great deal from. Among our vast array of training courses, Daniel has made his Defensive Pistol series one of the most successful here at Point Blank Range. Daniel also takes a unique approach to firearms training.  He has developed performance based training courses that move at the pace of each individual shooter, thus increasing not only a student’s physical skill set but also increasing their ability to learn in a very rapid fashion. His courses are geared toward the shooter, not a specific curriculum which make his courses so highly recommended for shooters of all levels.

Daniel will make you a better shooter regardless of skill level.  Come train with Daniel you’ll be glad you did!