Training Class Listing

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Basic Introduction to Firearms:   BIF.

Beginner Handgun Fundamentals:  BHF.  

Beginner AR-15 Rifle Fundamentals: BRF.

S.A.F.E. Women’s Self Defense:   SAFE.

Active Shooter Preparedness:  ASP.

Boy Scouts Rifle Shooting Merit badge: BSA.

One on One Private Training.  1V1P


North Carolina Concealed Carry Classes:  Standard, Enhanced, and Women’s Only.

Defensive Handgun Core Foundation, 3 Part Series:  DHC Part 1, DHC, Part 2, DHC Part 3.

Point Blank Range’s Defensive Rifle/Carbine Series:  DRC 1.0, DRC 2.0, DRC 3.0.

Defensive Shotgun: 1.0.

One on One Private Training.  1V1P


Point Blank Range’s Advanced Concealed Carry Series:   ACC 1.0, ACC 2.0, ACC 3.0.

Stress Fire Simulator:  SFS.

Low Light / No Light Defensive Pistol:  LNLP.

One on One Private Training.  1V1P


NRA Instructor Level Training:  NRA Instructor Training.


Current Class Calendar for MOORESVILLE.  Current Class Calendar for MATTHEWS.