Training Academy


Point Blank Range offers a variety of different training and instructional programs, including the North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Safety course. NRA certified instructors conduct courses for the beginner as well as the more advanced shooter, including courses for instructors to continue building their NRA instructor certifications. Most programs will include classroom time and time on the range.

Listing of Point Blank Range Training Classes.

Before or after you get your concealed carry permit, we encourage you to develop a level of proficiency with your handgun that will prepare you for the encounter that we hope will never occur. Our instructors can help you prepare for that moment, with an escalating series of personal protection courses. They can also help improve your technique to make you a better target shooter. In either case, you will be glad you invested in your training.

At Point Blank Range we are committed to providing training and instruction second to none.  Our training calendar will show when various classes are scheduled.  For more information, and requests for specialized training, send an e-mail to