I attended your Advanced Pistol Marksmanship class on Saturday, March 10th and wanted to thank you for a highly informative and functional class. Its an honor to have a small class setting with both class instruction and live fire coaching with someone of your skill, renown and accomplishment. I’ve had a layoff from shooting for a while and wanted to get back into fundamentals prior to Massad Ayoob’s Mag 20 live fire class on March 24/25th. Your class has helped get me back into handgun shooting, helped me get more focus ahead of the class, and taught me some fundamental improvements and practice approaches that will help me become a better shooter over time.


Honestly, your class was more eye-opening and functionally informative than other classes I’ve taken over the years.The emphasis on the basics and fundamentals was humbling for me and exposed some bad habits and techniques I’ve developed (such as trigger pull and consistency) that I’ve developed as a beginner. However, you instruction has provided solid building techniques to help me reset, correct poor habits and improve my skills over time. I’m refocused on fundamentals and taking slow baby-steps to get better.  Since taking your class, I’ve made sure to get in daily dry fire practice. I’ve been back to the range a few times since class for live fire practice using the techniques you showed us for the Basic Zero and Group Shooting and the Slow Fire Group shooting test sections. I’ve still got a long way to go for improvement, but I can already see some gradual improvement in my trigger control, shot placement and group size.This approach has also helped me to diagnose problem issues as I practice and aids me in making effective corrections.


The class structure provided needed focus on the fundamentals while keeping things simple to understand. Also, the approach of using dry fire at the range combined with purposeful use of live fire has helped me to be more effective and focused in my practice approach. For ages, I’ve fired many rounds during range time with mixed accuracy, likely both wasting ammunition and reinforcing poor habits. Since the class, my renewed approach slows me down and combines dry fire practice with the live fire. This enables me to create a far more purposeful training experience on my own, often using a single box of ammunition and getting much more out of the range time than I had been previously. I’ve also taken classes in the past than burned up a high round count, but may have reinforced some poor techniques. Your class approach helps me make less ammunition count for far more.


I thank you again for the superb class and looking forward to taking more training at Point Blank Range.


Best regards,