“I recently attended Defensive Pistol I at Point Blank Range Matthews with instructor Daniel Richardson after a hiatus from pistol shooting. I came in rusty but Daniel’s teaching style and drills got me back on track. Expect your shooting drills to be demonstrated, broken down into components, demonstrated again, practiced in parts, and then put together as a whole. It’s a tried and true learning model across many disciplines that’s executed in an exceptional manner here. I left with improved fundamentals and a better understanding of the mechanics of pistol shooting that will help me begin to troubleshoot my own marksmanship mistakes. I had a ton of fun shooting these drills and never felt intimidated. If I wanted clarification I asked questions and received it. Everyone in attendance left shooting tighter groups faster than when they began, and there were smiles everywhere. I enjoyed myself so much that I went ahead and signed up for a few more classes including the workshops and Defensive Pistol II, and I hope to fill out my schedule a little more through the end of the year. If you want to surprise your buddies by suddenly being a boss at the range then this is the place to be and the class to start with.”