I wanted to send you my quick thoughts/review on the Defensive Pistol Class you facilitated on 1/12/2018. First, the logistics – the class was perfectly sized (I was one of 5) and felt that enabled not only solid class instruction, but also gave ample opportunity to provide 1:1 instruction when it was both needed and asked for. Second, the content – the class was informative as well as practical. The drills were helpful in grounding the students in the necessities of handling their respective firearms safely and, when needed, defensively. Last, the instructor – Melanie, thank you for patience, guidance and enthusiasm in seeing your students be well equipped. It is very evident how much you care. I honestly believe that I am far better equipped today than I was a week ago. Much work needs to be done, but am looking forward to further workshops and classes. Again, my heartfelt thank you! I hope this email finds you well.”