Just wanted to drop a note off to you and tell you that I like the classes Gregg has been putting together, and the “workshop” we had last night was a very cool and welcomed addition. I really like the idea of being able to take what he’s been teaching and have an opportunity to apply it by throwing in some different scenarios between his structured classes once a month with this new flexible “workshop” platform he’s offering. It added a great deal of additional confidence in my gun handling and shooting capabilities.


I would, and will, recommend it to other people I know. I know you have a business to run, but I hope you will continue to offer these additional monthly “workshops” through Gregg. I would happily sign up every month, or pay up front for the opportunity to attend them. He’s a very unique instructor and clearly passionate about what he is trying to teach us, and I think that is one of the key reasons his classes are so informative and enjoyable for me personally. Along with your personal classes, his are exactly the kind of experience I was hoping to get from your place.