2 Day Combat Handgun Marksmanship Review


I thought I was a good shooter until I took this class!

Over the course of two days, instructor Daniel Richardson covers a lot of ground and imparts a lot of advanced knowledge.

You review and drill on a multitude of shooting disciplines, from rapid fire  accuracy, to quick draw techniques, point shooting, multiple targets, moving and shooting, one handed shooting (both strong and weak),  and more.

The instructor reviews the  fundamentals of each skill, then executes a series of drills and exercises made to focus on building that skillset, all while giving 1 on 1 style feedback to each student, to help that person grow

and become better based on their individual needs. This includes homework drills and tracking individual par times that give each student a sense of where their individual skill level is today,  and how they can push themselves to get better tomorrow.

He also includes testing drills which wrap up all techniques into one big test, (think final exam), and if you’re weak in one or more areas, it could really hurt your score and prevent you from passing.

While I was learning and growing, I also had a lot of fun. The class atmosphere is friendly, fun, competitive, and most importantly, safe!


In addition to all this, there is a classroom section which covers techniques and thought processes to make you a more responsible and alert armed citizen, so bring your notebook as well as your firearm.

At the end of day two, he wraps it up with some  amazing low light work, and demonstrates not only how to operate in a low and no light encounter, but gives away an absolutely mind blowing  trick that

could save your life  someday. (But I’m not giving that one away in the review!)


In summary, this class really highlights the many, many skills involved with becoming an advanced shooter. It is focused training, that takes you beyond standing at the range and putting holes in paper while being able to keep a tight group.

I’m writing this review two weeks after taking this class, and instead of my usual boring range routine, I’m on my way to practice and drill on the techniques I need to master to advance my shooting skills.

I’d recommend this to any intermediate to advanced shooter who wants to learn what it takes to bring  their skills to the next level.



  • Mike M