I wanted to give positive feedback to Greg, the instructor of the CCW class today, 3/23. As a former trainer (in Info Tech) I thought for sure, 8 hours of legalese, would be mind-numbing. With a sick dog the night before and coming into the class on a few hours of sleep, I expected the worst.

My expectations couldn’t have been further from reality. Not one single time in class did I feel bored or disinterested. The class was engaging, humorous, and even though Greg might come across as a little eccentric to some, he is knowledgable and an absolute riot. He had the entire class awake and upbeat the entire time. He asked questions that had the entire class engaging in open discussion. Outside of class on breaks we discussed the vagaries of the CCW laws further.

It was hands down the best training class I’ve ever taken in my life … and I’ve been through hundreds.

I’m new to gun ownership, but every experience I’ve had with Point Blank Matthews had been phenomenal. Keep it up!