1911 – 101 Course with Brian “Gunny” Zins

September 7, 2018

I bought my first firearm only 4 months ago—a Springfield Armory 1911A1. Prior to the purchase, I did my research and tried every 9mm handgun I could at Point Blank Range. I love the gun I chose, but I knew little about how to use it. Then came the 1911-101 class with Brian “Gunny” Zins and gunsmith K.C. Crawford.

As a beginner, I signed up for this intermediate class with some trepidation—questioning if this class was beyond my abilities or if I would be an treated as an outcast with my 9mm among .45 ACP purists. Thankfully, my fears were ill-founded. Both classroom instruction and drills on the range were fantastic. At 6–8 students, the class size was perfect: small enough to receive personal instruction while large enough for a sense of camaraderie among others who simply loved the 1911 and wished to be more proficient with it. Although the vast majority of students were in fact shooting .45 ACP, I was warmly welcomed into the fold just the same. This class was two fun-filled days that pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

Regarding the instruction, it was like drinking from a fire hose! If only one could retain all that we was taught. Thanks to the 1911-101 class, everything about what I had been doing has changed. My trigger control, sight picture, grip, stance, and draw have all improved. I left the class aware of things that I need to continue working on. And don’t let the cost discourage you—it’s worth every cent! I’m now a firm believer that without proper training, one is merely burning ammunition.

Brian not only has the accomplishments to his name, but he posesses an infectious enthusiasm for the 1911. Not content to rest on his laurels, he has a passion to share his knowledge with anyone willing to learn. And K.C. not only taught us about different trigger designs, he was kind enough to work on our guns when time allowed. Thank you, Brian and K.C.! Taking this or any other class led by these guys at Point Blank Range is a fantastic investment.

—Mark W.