I had an outstanding time attending the PRO-Formance Pistol class at Point Blank Range in Matthews N.C. The class instructors are really knowledgeable in their pistol craft, and it was very obvious from the beginning that Brian “Gunny” Zins and Daniel Richardson are top notch instructors.

This particular class has something for “Everyone”, and I do mean everyone. It was an awesome fusion of Defensive Pistol, a tad of Tactical , fused with a Professional overlay of Disciplined Marksmanship fundamentals, and Competitive Sports shooting.

Brian Zins kicked off Day-1 with customized classroom content that included the Mindset, Sights, Sight Picture, Grips, Trigger Finger, Aim, Target Range, Body Posture, etc. I am gonna share that his lecture alone is worth the price of admission. Brian Zins being a (12) time shooting champion has tons and tons of knowledge, tips, and tricks. Brian places a emphasis on aspects of solid fundamentals along with advanced techniques. I personally picked up several new tips that I had never heard before during the lecture.  (For more info on the lecture I recommend you take the class.)

Once the class moved out to the range we ran multiple we divided into two groups. One on the line and another reloading. We then started a progressive level of drills. From the very start start we got to learn some fantastic (not seen before) in your average Pistol class drills.  I apologize that I don’t want to reveal their secrets so find out for yourself, and enroll in the class. Zins then interlaced in his drills front sight focus work and target focus, along with lots of specific trigger work. The instructors give tons of individual one-on-one feedback. As a student no matter your level of comfort or experience you will receive constructive feedback that will help you fix yourself. From 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 yards out, you’ll learn new drills, get comfortable in timed drills that simulate pressure. You will get lots of drawing from the holster practice. It’s amazing how many people don’t have much experience with holster work and presentation. Make sure you read the course requirements and show up with the correct gear so that you can get the most out of the class. (Throughout the day you are receiving instruction from both Brian and Daniel.)

On Day-2 we built upon what was learned during the first day. Brian Zins kicked us off with front sight focus, trigger control diagnostics, target movement drills, timed drills, along drills that shoot on Brian’s custom built sporting targets and much more. Make sure to get you pen and training notebook ready because you will want to take lots of notes. Daniel Richardson’s custom content kicks in on this day. Daniel has some fantastic drills that he runs along with a focus on training to get you individually faster throughout the day. Faster drew strokes and timing will be learned by you while maintaining safety which is a paramount theme. Multiple target transitions, speed reloads, Daniel’s quote, “eyes drive the gun” and much, much more.

The instructors work really well together. The content is stuff that you won’t find elsewhere. Brian Zins is like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge so do not be shy to ask whatever you want, as he will take the time to answer and help you. Do not let the “Gunny’s” American Top Shot fame intimidate you one bit, as he is a really approachable and down to earth guy. Daniel Richardson is also a great pistol instructor and a really nice guy as well. He has drills for days in his mental rolodex. I have taken multiple classes at Point Blank Range with Daniel, and trust me, he is as reliable, solid, and knowledgeable as they come. At the conclusion of the class on Day-2, I had to spend time on my drive home “unpacking” and “playing back” all of the knowledge that I learned in the course from Brian and Daniel.

Lastly, as I wrap up this After Action Report (AAR), I would like to share that Point Blank Range is the best range in Charlotte N.C. To prove that, I’ll simply direct you over to the Matthews PBR training website. There is so much rich training content on the calendar that speaks for itself. To the owners and managers at PBR, keep doing exactly what you are doing, as you are distancing your business from the pack by miles. To Brian, and Daniel, thank for your awesome class and the high value instruction. I can assure you that I will be coming back for more training.

Side Note: * Daniel, training with you has given me a very solid training foundation to build upon. * * Gunny, your Military and professional Shooting Sports/Bullseye knowledge in marksmanship is inspiring. * Potential Customers, The Two Day PRO-Formance Pistol class was some of the best money that I’ve spent investing in myself.  My suggestion for you is to hold off on buying that “next gun” and instead, put that money into this high quality training class. As for me, I am looking forward to my next class at Point Blank Range.