I recently had the opportunity to take Brian Zins “Advanced Pistol Markmanship” course at the Matthews location of Point Blank Range. I am new to pistol shooting and wanted to improve my accuracy.  If you want to quickly increase your accuracy, and are willing to follow his program, you will be amazed how fast you will improve.  In one month, I went from shooting body size targets at 15 feet (with a very wide grouping) to now repeatedly shooting 10 round groups in the 10 ring at30 feet. Brian is not only a 12 time national champion Bullseye Shooter but also a great instructor and on-going coach.  This class will give you the fundamentals and a workbook to help you become significantly more accurate, IF, you are willing to work the program, and ask for Brians help along the way.  If you are like me and worry that taking classes from world class experts might be intimidating, Brian’s program will be a very pleasant surprise; he is truly a warm and approachable guy.  Best investment in pistol training if you view this as a program you work over time vs a “one and done” class.