My review is below but I want to convey my sincere gratitude first. I’ve been a gun owner for ~8 years and am constantly seeking quality instruction. Of the thousands I have spent I can confidently say the money spent with Chris and Brian is the best. Your dedication to quality instruction and tangible improvement of your students truly separates you from all other instructors I’ve had.

I welcome any feedback you may have to help me to improve or exercises on which i should focus. I look forward to more opportunities to train with you in the future.

Combat pistol with Cris Cerino is easily in the top 3 firearms classes I’ve ever taken, and I’ve spent thousands over the last 8 years. I’m not a professional nor am I an all-star; I’m a husband, father, concerned citizen and freedom loving American.

Chris’s approach is memorable, personal and effective. His experience has led him to codify “Cerino-isms” that do a fantastic job of summarizing the lesson and making it stick with you. He takes your success, and lack thereof, personally. This was the first class where I was ever called out for poor performance, and it made a difference pretty quick. Once he got a feel for the class he started to adapt his techniques without compromising the underlying principles of the class. For a two day class I struggled, because I had a lot of bad training scars to overcome. I will say I showed marked improvement in my real world marksmanship fundamentals and took away tactics and Cerino-isms that come with me to the range every time to help me keep getting better.

For me, Chris separates himself from other trainers I’ve had because he’s interested in results, not just pitching his program. I’ve had 2 day classes where we only use 6 targets all weekend. In combat pistol every string had a new target so you could see how you did and often get personal feedback. He’ll also pick up your gun and shoot it better than you to prove you don’t have a hardware issue, that goes a long way to building confidence in your gear. I can’t recommend Chris Cerino enough and look forward to the opportunity to train with him again.