Chris Cerino’s Combat Pistol Class is the REAL DEAL!


Chris Cerino is absolutely everything you hope for in an instructor. He is a no “b.s.” kind of guy that is genuine, easy going and direct all at the same time. He dis-spells all the Youtube/Internet/Macho Military fanatics rantings and ravings and brings you a life-time of real world, on-the-streets, “every-man” likely scenario’s and experiences that 99% of the real people on the street are most likely to encounter, unless you are literally boots-on-the-ground in a hostile war zone. He has an excellent approach to taking you from the basics to real world conditions in two full days of intensive shooting scenarios and drills…and that includes stress oriented, defensive and combat shooting. Emphasis is on performance improvements and tactics. There were all levels of shooters in my class from beginner to military. Nobody, and I mean “no one” left his class without taking away something that raised their performance and accuracy to a whole new/higher level. (About 800+ rounds in two days!) He can see nuances in your performance that an “average” instructor simply never will, and then can show you how to fix it…right on the spot…and make it sound so simple.


Bottom line: He’s a genuinely good guy that really makes you feel that he is truly there to make YOU better…not prove how good he is. And that’s no b.s!


The Director of Training at Point Blank Range in Matthews, NC is Brian Zins, another “world-class” shooter in his own right, and he was also there along side Chris to support and coach along the way the entire time as well.


So that’s TWO, “world-class” shooters for the price of one! Tell me any where else in the world you can get that kind of one-on-one experience and instruction over a two day period for the average civilian, and I’ll go sign up every opportunity I can get!


If you’re on the fence, don’t be. If there’s a class anywhere within driving distance that either Chris or Brian is a part of, you’d better buy your ticket now, because I can tell you there’s already one less seat available in that class if they are anywhere near my neck of the woods.