I wanted to let you know I won 1st Expert at Perry.  Your training class and the material you gave us were instrumental in this accomplishment.  I had some adversity that you may find of interest.

On the first day of centerfire my primary gun was checked and it was found that the grip safety was not working (long story).  They checked my backup gun ( one of my two 1911s that Don Nygord had accurized for me in 1975).  I used my first 10 slow fire shots in the centerfire match to sight the gun in and guessed at the short line change.  Needless to say I guessed correctly and did ok.   I do not mean to bore you with my struggles.  I just wanted to give you an idea of the difference your training class made when the wheels came off.  I will continue to train to reach my goal of high master in both indoor and outdoors.