I just had my best range experience ever at Point Blank Range in Matthews. I have shot every range I know of in the Charlotte market, but none like this. The first and MOST IMPORTANT thing that sets it apart- you pay a daily range rate instead of hourly. I have never been so relaxed shooting. I feel like there is so much opportunity for mistakes when you are racing a clock to keep from getting charged an extra hour for the range. I did what I needed to do and left, so I didn’t camp out and hog up a lane. Lanes were turning briskly and there was never a point where anyone was waiting for a lane (on a Sunday).

Additionally, the staff was plentiful, and top notch. Richard especially, saw I was zero’ing an AR with a Vortex Viper PST, and coached me through the process. He has a lot of experience with Viper optics. After about 2 mags, 3 rounds at a time, I had my dope properly set.

Also, it seemed that there was a Range Safety Officer INSIDE the range area at all times, overseeing safety. I was honestly nervous about a couple that went in alongside me for various reasons… first one not knowing their weapon condition when the employee in the lobby asked (MAJOR red flag)… I mentioned to the RSO to keep an eye on them and he stated “I’m already on it, I see what you see!”

Anyhow, great experience. Their rental program is the best in the city if you are inexperienced and want to try out several of the same caliber. Pro Shop pricing is extremely reasonable and competitive.

Thanks Guys! I can’t wait to come back!