I would like to express gratitude to the Mooresville branch of Point Blank Range.  On the evening of January 12, 2018, I attended the Defensive Pistol 1 training, taught by Melanie Allmond.  This was an amazing learning experience. I am a novice shooter, whose primary purpose of owning a handgun, is first- self defense, and then recreation.  Our class size was perfect for our instructor to teach (explain), demonstrate, and observe our class in practice, and correct individual students as needed.There was no sense of intimidation from the instructor; she made the learning relaxed and interesting. This class really helped to instill confidence in drawing from the holster and handling the firearm. I believe Melanie understood that as students learning new objectives, sometimes we just don’t know the questions to ask, yet. Our instructor was sensitive to this and offered suggestions to help us better understand, and produce more effective technique.  So, I wish to say thank you to Point Bland Range, Mooresville, for offering this class. I received a lot of excellent information, implemented new technique, and realized improvement in practice. I look forward to participating in the workshops to continue practice.  An excellent class.