Thank you for your instruction on Friday. I’ve written a review on the courses as you requested and I hope it helps bring in more people:

“I recently attended the Defensive Pistol I and II courses at Point Blank Range. As a concealed carry permit holder, I believe practical hands-on training is necessary in addition to what is required by law. These courses, taught by Daniel Richardson, provide a great introduction to the skills you will use when faced with a violent encounter.

Daniel has a great deal of experience and it shows in his instruction. His teaching style contributes to a comfortable learning environment that isn’t meant to intimidate newer shooters. The class sizes are fairly small which allows for more personalized instruction. The training itself was excellent. Many of the drills were new to me and I was able to learn the correct way to perform certain actions the first time. We did a lot of shooting but I never felt lost or confused on what I was supposed to be doing.

After each of these courses, every one of us in attendance showed improvement in speed and accuracy. We also found the areas we needed to spend time more time working on. I look forward to more training with Daniel in the future.”