“On 3/25/19, I had a private Bulls Eye Shooting class with Brian “Gunny” Zins at Point Blank Range in Matthews, NC.  This was the absolute best Marksmanship training I have received.  Brian is a very humble professional who is very easy to talk to and to understand.  After about 30-60 minutes in a classroom, we went to the range.  During each portion of training, Brian explained and demonstrated the task so it was very easy to understand.  I would then perform the task without ammunition (dry fire), and would finally perform the task with live ammunition.  Throughout the day we took several breaks so I never felt exhausted or became uninterested.  During the 6 hour class I could see my skill improve dramatically.  Time went by fast too.  This was a very fun and productive learning environment designed to build skill and confidence, not to induce a high amount of stress.

I would feel very comfortable recommending a class with Brian to anyone.  Whether a person has extensive firearms knowledge or no firearms knowledge, I feel very comfortable to say that they would learn a lot and have quite a bit of fun doing it.”