Stress Fire Simulator $45

Point Blank Range’s Stress Fire Simulator Course uses a state of the art use of force simulator to put you in high stress, Shoot or No-Shoot situations.

The course starts out with a review of North Carolina’s justified use of force requirements, States of Awareness, Thinking on your feet, Castle Doctrine, and Disengagement.  This course requires active participation from all students in both discussions and in role-playing during the scenarios.

This 3 hour course will open your eyes to the reality of using your firearm in a self defense situation, just how fast things can go sideways, and how to recognize potential threats before they become real threats.  This will make you rethink a great many things about carrying a concealed firearm and just might be the most important course you will ever take.

Items to bring to class:  
Note Pad & Pen

Please contact with any questions. Must be at least 18 years of age to take this class.