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What you’ll learn..

What stops bleeding? In a STOP THE BLEED course, you’ll lean three techniques to help save a life before someone bleeds out.

  • How to use your hands to apply pressure to a wound
  • How to pack a wound to control bleeding
  • How to correctly apply a tourniquet

These three techniques will empower you to assist in an emergency and professionally save a life.

Basic First Aid: Video/ Power Point/ Lecture/ Hands on Practice

  • To understand the basic concepts of first aid including the safety for oneself
  • How to bandage basic wounds
  • How to safely stabilize long bone and spinal injuries
  • Review hot to recognize life threatening life threatening medical emergencies and assist until medical professionals arrive

Each student will receive a Certificate for Stop the Bleed and Basic First Aid.

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Matthews Instructor:

Louis Cazzetta

Mooresville Instructor:


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Saturday-April 22, 2023 (12p-2p)