NSSF Rimfire Challenge Match

Price: $20.00

Date: August 19, 2014

Point Blank Range is pleased to offer our the NSSF Rimfire Challenge Match.  These competitions are designed to be fun and safe shooting matches for the entire family. Incorporating both .22 LR pistols and rifles, courses of fire are created with safety as the top priority, but feature fun scenarios that meet any shooter’s skill level. Whether you are new to shooting, or have become a seasoned pro, Rimfire matches will be an entertaining experience for you, your family members and friends.

This is a fun way to get started in competitive shooting and we welcome the whole family to participate. We will have categories for Top Men, Top Women, Top Senior, Top Junior (if participation warrants) and of course OPEN and Limited Class. All shooters are welcome regardless of experience.

Cost per monthly match: $20.00 per shooter.

Basic Course of Fire: We will be shooting at steel plates. Each shooter will shoot five separately timed strings keeping the best four. The winner in each class is the shooter with the lowest aggregate time for their best four strings. This is some of the most fun you can have with a .22LR rifle and pistol.

Required Equipment: You will need a .22LR rifle and a .22LR pistol to be eligible to compete. You MUST have a minimum of FOUR magazines for each firearm (handgun and rifle). This is critical to avoid delays reloading between strings of fire. Any safe, functioning .22LR rifle or pistol is welcome.

Please make sure you understand all the requirements of the program before registering.  All participants must comply with these requirements so that on the evening of the match the range operates safely, the match proceeds smoothly and everyone enjoys the excitement of these Rimfire shooting competitions at Point Blank Range.

There will be a safety briefing and shooters meeting at 6:30PM. Shooting will begin at 7PM. Limited to 40 competitors.

Available Spaces: 40

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