A Corporate membership
 is great way to offer your most exceptional team members with a benefit that can help your entire organization.  Something different and exciting, a Corporate Membership package also allows for team building and a great Off-Site casual meeting environment.  Keep the best on your team sharp and ready for anything.

A Corporate Membership package is a flat $4,000 per year for 4 people. Additional people or options can be added such as Shooting After Dark™ and secure lockers.

Our highest level of membership, Patriot Gun Club, offers an unparalleled experience and Shooting After Dark™, our extended hours access. For more information on the Patriot Gun Club, please click here.

Your safety and the safety of all other shooters in the range is our first priority. Regardless of whether you choose the daily rate or one of our membership plans, prior to your first use of the range you will be required to complete a range orientation. A safety video will familiarize you with our range equipment and remind you of range safety rules and etiquette. One of our Range Safety Officers will perform a safety check of your firearm (if you bring your own), show you how to use the range targeting system, and confirm that you know how to load and handle the firearm you want to shoot. You will be required to sign our range rules and waiver, which will be kept on file. Your completion of the range orientation will be tracked in our customer database, so you won’t have to keep up with a “range card”. We’ll keep that info for you to make your next visit to the range a little smoother.

Corporate Membership allows for individuals to be added to your Corporate package at your discretion for an additional $1,000 per person, annually.

2 Annual commitment required.  Renewals will be automatically processed.