This 4-­‐hour course has been developed to take shooters with varying skills and enhance their
abilities exponentially in an efficient and effective manner. The training will give maximum
personal instruction to each shooter and flow smoothly with the right mix of instruction,
practice, recovery, observation and reset. Starting with your foundation, the instruction will add
skills singularly and methodically advance to more complex skills and then integrate those into
complex shooting exercises.

The Goal of the class it to:

• Increase everyone’s effectiveness in practical shooting with a noticeable increase in
performance from their personal start point.
• Pass on knowledge, thought process and lessons learned from personal experience in
actual gunfights.
• Develop knowledge and ability to identify personal markers in order to make self-­‐
• Teach drills and understand their purpose so each shooter can self-­‐improve at the range
or at home instead of wasting ammunition with no intrinsic value.
• Develop an understanding of how muscle memory, decision making, physical actions
and situational awareness are developed as part of the neurological system.

Equipment Needed for class:

  • Pistol
  • Holster – OTW
  • 3 or more magazines
  • Minimum of a double magazine pouch
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Notebook
  • Pen/Pencil

About Your Instructor:

Cody Nix retired from the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) with 23 years of
service and over 5 years of combat deployments. After being wounded in Afghanistan in
early 2003, Cody trained harder physically, mentally and in order to ensure his one
combat wound would be his last. It was during this time he learned, studied and
practiced rapid stress adaptation techniques in order to perform more effectively during
combat operations. Following his retirement from the military he was hired as a director
in a successful business where he implemented and ran a government division for
design and rapid prototyping. It was obvious from the start the same physical and
mental skills he learned and practiced as a Green Beret were extremely beneficial in
business as well as everyday life. He has since developed Special Ops Fitness as a
way to integrate an intense workout with shooting to increase people’s ability to deal
with stress in everyday life.



Mooresville Course Dates:

Saturday, August 17, 2019 (10:00am-2:00pm)