Point Blank Range

About the Range


Our 25 yard range has 15 shooting lanes with a state-of-the-art wireless, programmable turning target system operated from a local keypad or by our Range Safety Officer through a master control system. The shooting booth includes Level III ballistic steel for added safety on the firing line, an intercom to contact the RSO and a shooting tray to rest your firearm. The target system is easy to use and quickly positions the target at the desired distance. Our Range Safety Officers can help you select an appropriate pre-programmed scenario to test your shooting skills.

The range is divided into two bays to facilitate different uses of the range at the same time. Each bay is constructed with concrete walls and pre-engineered concrete panels that completely cover the range. These panels make each bay “tactical” and permit down range shooting under controlled circumstances. Having this capability significantly expands the type of training and instruction that can take place in the range, for both law enforcement and civilian training. It will also facilitate league and other competitive activities that are not possible in a fixed firing line range.

Your comfort, health and safety are our first priority. With this in mind, we have a custom designed, climate controlled ventilation system that will keep the particulates and gas from your discharging firearm moving downrange at all times, keeping you clean, cool and comfortable. HEPA filters keep all re-circulated air as clean as technology will allow. Our range ventilation system is designed to meet all applicable EPA, OSHA and NIOSH air quality standards. We are the first indoor range to have a climate-controlled ventilation system in Charlotte and the surrounding area.