USPSA Club Match

Course Title: USPSA Club Match
Course Prefix: USPSA
Cost: $25 walk-in on day of match
Age: 12+


Practical Shooters USPSA Club Match

Point Blank Range is proud to bring back our officially sanctioned AREA 6 USPSA indoor pistol match. Matches will be held at the Mooresville location on the 2th Tuesday of each month. If you are not a current USPSA member, no worries. This is all about introducing you to the sport of action pistol. Practical shooting is an exciting, fun, and safe sport. Like many sports, it will take time and effort to become proficient. Consistent practice and correct fundamentals will take you where you want to go. Again we welcome new shooters, and you will find us and the other competitors very encouraging. You must be 12 years of age to compete. Minors MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What is the USPSA: View the USPSA youtube video HERE
USPSA Membership information: Visit the USPSA website HERE

Equipment Needed:

  • A Pistol, minimum caliber 9mm (REVOLVERS ARE WELCOME).
  • As a minimum we recommend three spare magazines and pouches to hold them on your belt. You will need more for Production, Single Stack and L10 divisions. We also recommend at least 5 moon clip/speed loaders with carriers if you choose to compete in revolver).
  • A Holster located on the hip. Holsters must retain the firearm during any required movement, must cover the trigger of a holstered gun, must point to the ground when the firearm is holstered.  The holster must be carried at belt level. Shoulder holsters, fanny packs, IWB and thigh/ankle holsters, et al, are not permissible at USPSA events.
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • 100 rounds of ammunition


Upon arrival you will be informed of the location of the Safety Area which is the only area where you will be able to  de-bag, holster and bag your firearm. During the match all side arms must be unloaded and holstered match unless otherwise instructed by the Range Officer.  No ammunition is allowed in the safety area.  All competitors must be present for the Shooters safety briefing at 6:30pm. Additionally, all competitors will be required to watch our safety video and sign our waiver.  This can be done in advance online.  Just follow the “Sign Our Waiver” link at the bottom right corner of the homepage.


Registration and prepayment is required for this event.  If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.
Step 1:  Register on Practiscore HERE.
Step 2:  Select the match date below to complete registration and payment.

All scores will be posted to Practiscore, and the USPSA website will be under the club name Mooresville, NC 32.

View our Cancellation Policy here.