Patriot Gun Club

11870882_1695220564041304_1863626230030640098_nFor those who seek it, exclusivity has its privileges. Patriot Gun Club offers the discriminating shooter a level of service and amenities only found at exclusive, first-class sporting clubs. From the private restrooms, showers and lockers to the 63” HDTV and custom card table, no detail has gone unnoticed. Nothing has been left to chance in the design of the private, 1300 square foot member’s only Club Lounge. Our video gaming station offers an entertainment option for kids and adults alike. In addition, our business center has everything you need to work out of your office. We believe shooting sports can be enjoyed by the entire family, even if they aren’t shooting, and our comfortable viewing area provides an up close look for spectators. We hope you have as much fun at Patriot Gun Club as we had in creating it.

There is an application and qualification process to ensure the membership is comprised of individuals and families that are dedicated to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in which everyone can enjoy the Club and its amenities. All membership candidates must provide documentation showing they can pass the federal NICS background check (required to purchase a firearm). The membership fee includes the tuition for the Beginner Handgun Fundamentals (or approved higher level) course, which must be completed by all Club members desiring after hours access.

Shooting After Dark™ is the exclusive after-hours access program for Club members, giving qualified members access to the member range outside the normal business hours of the public range, similar to other private gun clubs. To qualify for access to Shooting After Dark™ you will be required to attend a Club orientation session, acknowledge your understanding of and agreement to the Club Rules & Regulations, and complete the Beginner Handgun Fundamentals (or approved higher level) course, which will be taught by our NRA certified instructors.

For family memberships, each family member age 18 or older will be required to provide documentation that they can pass the federal NICS background check. Any family member age 21 or over will be permitted to use the range unaccompanied; any family member between 8 and 21 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult while shooting in the range. Children under 8 years of age will not be permitted to shoot in the range at any time. Each eligible family member will have their biometric identity registered in the system for access to the Club. The Club will be segregated from the public areas of Point Blank Range by locked entry points that will require biometric identity verification for entry.

Membership Privileges

Shooting After Dark™ – 24/7 access to Club Lounge and Range
• Private restrooms
• Wireless internet access
• Complimentary beverage bar
• Business center
• Wii video gaming station
• Billiards table and card table
• Member viewing area with seating
• Annual locker rentals available

*Patriot Gun Club has been designed to provide for 24/7 access to the Club and Range using biometric identity verification.   

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