The Patriot Gun Club Membership Application package consists of the following pages:

  • Membership Application and Agreement (1 page) (“Application”)
  • Terms and Conditions of Membership (2 pages)
  • Payment Authorization (1 page)
  • Membership Application Checklist (1 page)

The Membership Application package is in an Adobe fillable form, if you prefer to fill it in on your computer.  When you open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader, it will highlight the fields to be completed.  Complete them using your computer keyboard.  If you are filling in a printed copy of the Application by hand, please print clearly.

Complete all fields in the Application that apply.  Check the box indicating which Membership Type you desire.  If you only desire an Individual Membership, you do not need to complete the “Family Members” section.  If you desire a Family Membership, the “Family Members” section should be completed for all family members 21 years of age and older that desire to have full membership privileges, including after-hours access.  Also indicate whether you desire to rent an optional private locker, and the size.  We have 37 large and 18 small lockers available on a first come, first served basis.  If you desire a particular size locker but one is not available at the time you join, your name will go on a waiting list for the size locker you want.

Complete the Payment Authorization, filling in the membership dues for the membership you selected and any applicable locker rental.  It is anticipated that the Club will be open before December 1st, but there will be no dues proration for November.  The first dues payment will be charged December 1st.  If the Club is not open by December 1st, the first month’s dues will be prorated.  Complete the credit card information for the recurring monthly charge.  Complete the member information section at the top of the Membership Application Checklist.

The Membership Fee is the same regardless of the type of Membership.  You can change from Individual Membership to Family Membership, or vice versa, by sending an e-mail to and instructing us to make the change.  The change will be effective on the first day of the following month, provided we receive your notice in enough time to implement the change to the recurring monthly payment charge.

Please print the completed Patriot Gun Club South Charlotte/Matthews Membership Application and Agreement and sign the Application and Payment Authorization and return the entire Application package with a check for the Membership Fee payable to “Point Blank Range Matthews, LLC” in the amount of $1,500.00 to:

Membership Services
Point Blank Range
743 River Highway
Mooresville, NC  28117

You will also be contacted by e-mail to make arrangements for the Club orientation and schedule the NRA First Steps Pistol Class.  At the Club orientation, we will ask you to complete and sign the Payment Authorization for the monthly dues, and pay the pro-rated dues for that month.  You will also need to bring evidence of a firearms background check in your recent past.  The background check can be evidenced by a Federal Firearms License, a NC Concealed Handgun Permit, a NC Pistol Permit, a law enforcement ID (if presently employed as law enforcement officer), or a copy of a receipt for a firearm purchase within the past six months.

Please feel free to forward this Application package to any of your friends or business associates who might also be interested in joining.

Download:  Patriot Gun Club South Charlotte/Matthews Membership Application and Agreement