Course Title: Low light/No Light Defensive Handgun: Level 1

Course Prefix: LL/NL 1

Cost: $150

Age: 21+

Low light/No light Defensive Handgun: Level 1


Developed by Chief Instructor Daniel Richardson this dynamic new course will teach students how to use light to their advantage. The first of a two part series, Students will learn multiple lighting techniques & how to effectively utilize a handheld light to gain the advantage. Over 57% of all Assaults happen at night, will you be prepared, and will you be able to use light to prevent an attack?

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Material covered:

  • Proper handheld lights to carry
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Light Deployment under stress
  • Using light to gain the Advantage
  • How to carry your handheld light

Required Equipment:

  • Semi Auto Pistol (380 caliber or higher)
  • Handheld light
  • 250 rounds of Pistol ammo
  • A good quality Kydex or leather holster ( No Nylon Holsters)