Course Title:  Shoot / No Shoot Stress Simulator Training
Course Prefix: SNSST
Cost: $49
Age: 21+

Shoot / No Shoot Stress Simulator Training

Instructor: Brad Smith

So you have taken the NC Concealed Carry Course and are now a lawfully licensed carrier of a concealed handgun. You have taken some classes to improve your shooting and weapons handling skills. Are you mentally prepared to draw your firearm and use it to defend your life and not risk the life of an innocent person or bystander?


Your oldest child is away at college and your youngest is staying with friends for the night.

It’s the middle of the night and you hear a loud noise in your house.

You grab your secured gun from the night stand, while your wife calls 911 and you make your way through a dark house to investigate the noise.

All of a sudden you see figure in a dark kitchen in black clothes and you say, “don’t make any sudden movements.” The figure, startled, turns around and is holding something in their hand. You take one shot. The figure crumples to the ground.

You turn on the light…

Did you shoot an armed intruder? Did you shoot your oldest child who returned from college a day or two early to surprise you for your birthday?

Don’t end up making a split-second decision that could cost you your life savings or your freedom.

In this course, you will get to experience some of the “shoot / no shoot” judgement based scenarios that our LASERSHOT System offers, followed with thought provoking discussions to make you think about the responsibility of carrying a concealed handgun.

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