Course Title: Jeff Gonzales – Concealed Carry Tactics

Course Prefix: JGCCT

Cost: $525

Age: 21 +

Learn proven Concealed Carry Tactics developed over two decades of operational and instructional experience. The definitive guide to concealed carry for the modern practitioner.

Class Description:

The Concealed Carry Tactics (CCT) is a two-day intermediate gun-fighting class teaching the fundamentals for every daily carrying of defensive pistols and supporting equipment. The class will cover various modes of concealed carry, supporting equipment for concealed carry, warrior mindset, practical training drills that progress from dry fire training to live fire training in the various concealed carry modes. The class will start by revisiting correct fundamental shooting habits and progress to concealed carry modes without compromising shooting speed, combat marksmanship or student safety. Graded evolutions throughout the class provide instant feedback to the student on skill development, technique deficiencies and overall ability.

Gear List:

  • Semi-automatic pistol, 9mm recommended
  • 1,500 rounds minimum of training ammunition
  • 25 rounds of duty/defense ammunition
  • 5 x pistol magazines minimum (8 for single stacks)
  • 5 x inert training rounds
  • Training uniform; must have the following:
    • Polo or T-shirt
    • Button-down shirt
    • Jacket or coat
    • Sweater or hoodie
  • Concealed carry gear
    • Sturdy belt
    • IWB holster
    • OWB holster
    • Single and or double magazine pouch
  • Handheld flashlight with pocket clip
  • Clear/tinted ballistic wrap around eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Weapons cleaning kit and quality lubrication
  • Hydration system and energy snacks

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