Course Title: FREE D.A.R.T. Knife Seminar

Course Prefix: FDKS

Cost: FREE with purchase of D.A.R.T. Knife complete set (trainer & edged knife)

Age: 18+


Point Blank Range is offering this FREE D.A.R.T. Knife Seminar to anyone who HAS purchased or WILL purchase a COMPLETE D.A.R.T. Knife Set (Trainer and Edged Knife) taught by Steve R. with Foo Dogs Defensive Tactics.

This hour and half Seminar will be an Introduction to the D.A.R.T. Knife focusing on the mechanics of the knife and deployment.

Steve has over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts and 16 plus years of experience in Israeli Close Quarter Concepts such as Haganah, Krav Maga, Kapap, and he has trained countless Military and Law Enforcement personnel.

Fox D.A.R.T. American Tanto knives, the fastest deployment knives on the defensive market. Knives MUST be purchased at Point Blank Range prior to the class $299 for the set.


Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

View our Cancellation Policy here.

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When you purchase the D.A.R.T. Knife set we will schedule your lesson with Steve.