Course Title: Fitness Krav Maga

Course Prefix: FKM

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Age: 18+


Some gym-bound activities may come with flaws and a mind -numbing boredom, here at Foo Dogs Defensive Tactics we realize that is not for everyone. You want to work your butt off and have fun doing it that is seemingly effortless while feeling engaged with the other participants in the class? Foo Dogs Defensive Tactics has developed the class for you, Fitness Krav Maga. The moves in Fitness Krav Maga are different than any aerobic class, because they have a real-life application. You will be mastering the skills to protect yourself from an imaginary attacker with every punch, jab and move you execute to protect your face. Through repetition of these simple Krav Maga defensive moves you will gain a greater sense of empowerment and self-confidence all in a fun atmosphere.

Benefits of Fitness Krav Maga:

  • Feel a sense of personal accomplishment.
  • A sense of family and community.
  • Relieve Stress.
  • Improved mental focus and clarity.
  • Develop a habit that promotes health and wellness.
  • An ongoing desire for self-improvement and learning.
  • Discipline to work hard and follow through with goals.

Required gear

  • Appropriate gym attire

Classes will meet at Point Blank Range Matthews, NC (10726 Monroe Road Matthews, NC 28105)

Every Monday / Wednesday / Friday (11am – 12pm)

For more information about Foo Dogs Defensive Tactics visit Foo Dogs Defensive Tactics