Course Title: Defensive Carbine II
Course Prefix: DC2
Cost: $100
Age: 18+

Defensive Carbine II

This course is an advanced level course and is the next step following completion of Defensive Carbine I and Defensive Handgun I & II. Defensive Carbine II is designed to present students of various skill levels with knowledge, concepts, and tactics required to take them to a high level of proficiency with a carbine in a defensive context. Students can expect a challenging course of fire including scenarios designed to stimulate thought and encourage problem solving while developing a thorough understanding of the reasoning behind the action.

Topics Covered:
• Life Safety
• Forward, backward, and lateral movement
• Communication
• Handgun as a secondary firearm
• Transitioning from secondary back to primary
• Support side shooting
• Alternate shooting positions
• Positional problem solving

Required Equipment:
• Single or 2-point sling
• 4 magazines
• 200 rounds rifle & 50 rounds pistol ammunition
• Rifle
• Handgun w/ 2 magazines
• Chest rig and ammo pouches optional

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Cory Janko –
Firearms Instructor
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Jesse Brown – Firearms Instructor
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Melanie Allmond – Firearms Instructor
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