Fast is Fine…Accuracy is Everything



Course Title: “Fast is Fine – Accuracy is Everything”

Course Prefix:  FFAE

Age:  21+ (will make exceptions case by case for younger students)

Cost: $50 / HOUR (that is half off the hourly rate for a 1 on 1 with Gunny Zins)

Prerequisite:  Beginner Handgun, a one on one lesson or some form of entry level training.

Course Description:  The name of this class was taken from the Wyatt Earp quote, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. In a gunfight… You need to take your time in a hurry.”

We have all seen the movies with flashy gun play and impossible shots. While entertaining, they are not made as a tutorial for real life. This course was designed to get you the shooter to take your training to a new level of mental discipline in regards to fundamental marksmanship. You will understand not just how to do something but why to do it and how everything works together to make a good shooter, a great shooter.

  • Stance and position (a luxury)
  • Grip – it will cover both 1 and 2 handed grips
  • Presentation – more than just pointing the gun at the bad guy, but more importantly getting the gun to automatically align to your eye naturally every time.
  • Fundamentals – both of them (Aiming and Trigger Control) after all, in the end, they’re all that matters.
  • How to train and analyze what you are doing wrong and how to correct it
  • Most of all it will cover the mental aspect of shooting accurate and development of a shot process in order to become consistent.

 Instructor – Brian “Gunny” Zins

What does he do?

Brian is the Director of Training at Point Blank Range, Matthews, NC. He oversees all training conducted at the top public firearms training facility on the east coast. Brian provides instruction for groups, individual men, women and youths at Point Blank Range all focused on shooting more accurate.

Who is he?

Brian is a retired United States Marine, hence the “Gunny,” who has over 30 years of experience in competitive shooting and firearms instruction. He is a 5-time Inter-service Pistol Champion, a 12-time NRA National Pistol Champion, 6 more than any other National Champion in the 115 years of NRA National Matches. He is also a former member of the US Pistol Team. Oh yeah, and he was on History Channels TOP SHOT Season 2 and Season 5 “All-Stars”

What is his experience?

After retiring Brian became the National Manager of Pistol Programs for the NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division before becoming a private security contractor providing security for American flagged vessels traveling in Somali pirate occupied waters. Besides numerous military courses Brian has also attended the Advanced Firearms Instructor Course at the FBI Academy and the DEA’s Tactical Raids Instructor Course, both in Quantico, VA.

Required Equipment:

  • A center fire semi-auto pistol or revolver 9mm or larger
  • At least 2 Magazines or speed loaders and pouches
  • Quality Kydex or Leather holster.
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Pen
  • Most of all…an open mind

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Sunday – May 19, 2019 (9am – 3pm)