Instructor: Daniel Richardson (see full bio)

Cost: $225

F.A.S.T is a course developed by Chief Instructor Daniel Richardson and is geared toward students of all skill levels who have a basic understanding of safety and fundamentals, wanting to become more proficient with their pistol. F.A.S.T is designed to bring a proven training curriculum to students in this course and encourage a continuous training process. F.A.S.T will focus on a systematic breakdown of the fundamentals of pistol shooting and skill development.

Course material is as follows:

  • Safety brief
  • Accuracy & accountability
  • Establishing a training standard
  • Establishing a personalized training plan for each student
  • Graded Evaluations to provide feedback
  • Timed drills to introduce stress

Course Goals:

  • To provide students exposure to a proven training curriculum designed to rapidly increase skills
  • To help students maximize training time and help develop a personal standard they can apply to other related courses and platforms

Students will:

  • Learn how to self diagnose training errors and learn how to fix them
  • Have a better understanding of the fundamentals of pistol shooting and how to apply them very quickly to achieve there goal

Gear Required:

  • Leather or Kydex holster
  • Semi auto pistol (9mm or higher)
  • 2-3 magazines
  • 400-500 rounds
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection

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