Course Title: Defensive Revolver
Course Prefix: DREV
Cost: $75
Age: 21+

Defensive Revolver

Point Blank Range presents a new addition to the Defensive series!  Defensive Revolver is a Performance based training program targeted towards shooters who prefer a revolver platform.  This course is designed to help the students break through training plateaus, incorporates challenging courses of fire focusing on weapons manipulation as it relates specifically to the revolver, marksmanship fundamentals, and trigger control diagnostics. The methods taught in this course are real world relevant and proven.  Students should expect to see a drastic improvement in their proficiency with this platform upon completion of this course.

We suggest that students attending this class have basic understanding of handgun safety and fundamentals. Attending Beginner Handgun Fundamentals is recommended prior to taking this course.

Topics covered:
• Safety as it relates to self-defense with a handgun
• Use of sights, and manipulation of the trigger
• Grip and stance/holster drawing fundamentals
• Gaining speed while maintaining precision
• Revolver reloading fundamentals
• Basic positional shooting and manipulation
• Shooting under stress

Recommended Equipment:
• 150 rounds
• Dress and carry the way he or she carries or intends to carry the handgun
• A revolver chambered in a common defense caliber (no Single-Action-Only/Cowboy Action revolvers)
• A quality (non-collapsing) holster able to be secured to belt (no nylon holsters)
• Method of rapid reloading (speed loaders or speed strips)
• Eye and ear protection

Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

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Drew Upton – 
Director of Training

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