Course Title: 1 Day Defensive Handgun Class
Course Prefix: DP-1D
Cost: $199
Age: 21+

1 Day Defensive Handgun Class

Point Blank Range’s All Day Defensive Handgun course is a performance based training program designed & developed by Chief Instructor Daniel Richardson that incorporates weapons manipulation, trigger control diagnostics, and malfunction clearance as well as challenging courses of fire that are designed to push the student past training plateaus and achieve maximum results. This course is tailored to the needs of each individual shooter to help rapidly increase their ability in a short period of time to achieve the best performance possible. Upon completion of this course students can expect to see rapid improvements of accuracy, weapons manipulation techniques, and problem solving skills. If you only attend one class all year make it this one!

We suggest that students attending this class have basic understanding of handgun safety and fundamentals. Attending Beginner Defensive Handgun is recommended prior to taking this course.

Topics Covered:
• Firearm Safety
• Grip, sight alignment
• Trigger control diagnostics
• Holster drawing fundamentals
• Speed reloads
• Long range accuracy drills
• Basic positional shooting
• Timed drills to incorporate stress
• Movement offline
• Malfunction clearance drills
• Multiple target engagement

Required Equipment:
• 3 magazines
• 400 rds of ammo
• A quality non collapsing holster, leather or kydex only.
• No revolvers

Pre-requisite:  Beginner Defensive Handgun or approved equivalent course

Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

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What are people saying about the 1 Day Defensive Handgun class?

This review is for the Defensive Pistol class and Instructor Daniel Richardson.  Last year, after months of self-training based on books and internet videos, I took the Defensive Pistol class for the first time.  I say “first time” because I continue to sign up for the course and retake it just for the trigger time and chance to work on fundamentals.  Additionally, it’s just plain fun.  The class continues to evolve and stay interesting, and it really provides a great introduction to the basics of defensive pistol:  Weapon deployment, movement, reloads, marksmanship, malfunction drills and barricade work to name a few.  Point Blank has now added companion workshops to this class, and this is a very cost-effective way to get repetitions on the basics. Daniel is an outstanding instructor and really pays attention to the smallest details.  These details are what increases speed and accuracy, and have made me a better shooter.  He also has the ability to assess and manage his class so that everyone gets the right level of challenge and stress, regardless of your age, experience level, gender, or physical capabilities.  I highly recommend Daniel as an instructor and the Defensive Pistol class in general.

Daniel Richardson – 
Chief Instructor/NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor

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Daniel Richardson – Instructor/NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor

(See full bio)

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