Defensive Handgun Workshop

Course Title: Defensive Handgun Workshop
Course Prefix: DHW
Cost: $35
Age: 21+

Defensive Handgun Workshop

Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun I

Point Blank Range presents our Defensive Handgun Workshop. Each workshop will focus on a different set of skills learned in Defensive Handgun I & II. Students who have attended these courses can come practice what they learned in order to master them in segments focusing on 2-3 drills at a time. This will allow students to come regularly practice the topics learned at an affordable price and become more proficient with their firearm.

Required Equipment:
• 100rds of ammo
• Quality non-collapsing holster, leather or kydex only. NO NYLON!
• A good belt
• Pen & paper

Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

NOTE:  Workshops are not eligible for the training alumni discount as regular training classes are.  They are designed specifically to keep prices affordable for repeated attendance.  However, PBR Member discounts will still be honored.

View our Refund & Cancellation Policy here.

What are people saying about Defensive Pistol Workshops?

“Last night was great. Daniel is a great instructor that doesn’t apply a lot of pressure. Don’t feel like you have to be a special forces operator in order to take his class. Find a class that is interesting to you and sign up!”

Daniel Richardson – 
Chief Firearms Instructor


Luke Armstrong – Certified Firearms Instructor