Defensive Handgun in the Home

Course Title: Defensive Handgun in the Home

Course Prefix: DHH

Cost: $175

Ages: 21+


You have heard the phrase “things that go bump in the night.” Sometimes those noises are just that, a noise. Many times those noises are bad people meaning to take what is yours or cause you or a loved one serious bodily harm.

Are you prepared to defend your life and the lives of your family members inside your home?

Defensive Handgun in the Home will prepare you defend the lives of you and your loved ones.

This class will discuss things such as escape routes, what in your home offers cover from rounds, how to pie a room and how to handle fatal funnels and kill zones in your home.

Equipment needed:

200 rounds of ammunition

2 magazines

Semi-Auto pistol or Revolver .38 or larger

Pen and Paper

Eye and ear protection



Greg Morris – NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor

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