Course Title: Defensive Carbine I
Course Prefix: DC1
Cost: $75
Age: 18+


Defensive Carbine I

Defensive Carbine I is a three hour performance based training course that will rapidly increase the shooter’s skills and accuracy with a rifle. Students can expect challenging courses of fire that focus on accuracy, weapons manipulation, and stress related drills. Anyone who owns a carbine or is wanting to improve their defensive skills with a carbine should attend this course.

Topics Covered:
• Safety
• Stance
• Manipulation of the Safety
• Equipment and optimizing set-up
• Use of sights and optics
• Carbine manipulation
• Reloads
• Multiple target engagement
• Basic positional shooting

Required Equipment:
• Single or 2-point sling
• 3 magazines
• 200 rounds of ammunition
• Carbine
• Chest rig and ammo pouches optional
• Positive attitude and open mind

(Please have your sights/optic zeroed prior to attending this course.)

Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

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Daniel Richardson – 
Chief Instructor
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