Course Title: Close Quarter Carbine
Course Prefix: CQC-1D
Cost: $175
Age: 21+

Point Blank Range Presents Close Quarter Carbine, Developed by Chief Instructor Daniel Richardson this dynamic new course will introduce shooters to a variety of challenging drills and tactics to help prepare them should they ever encounter a close quarter situation with a Carbine. This is a performance-based training program with a primary emphasis on accuracy and speed. If you ever wanted to get better in close quarters with a rifle then this class is for you!

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Material Covered:

Sling setup
Cognitive muscular conditioning
Presentation from ready
Basic positional shooting
Barricade Shooting
Multiple target engagement
Moving & Shooting
Rifle/Pistol transitions

Equipment needed:

400 rounds of Carbine ammo (brass ammo only) NO GREEN TIP OR STEEL!
Semi-auto rifle with at least 3 magazines
150 rounds of pistol ammo
Semi-auto pistol with at least two Magazines
Kydex holster for your pistol (OWB ONLY)
Pen & paper positive attitude and open mind

Pre-requisite: Defensive Pistol 1 or equivalent and a Level 1 Carbine Class

Registration and prepayment are required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

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Daniel Richardson:  Chief Instructor
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