Chris Cerino Combat Pistol 1 (1 Day Course)

Course Title: Chris Cerino Combat Pistol 1
Course Prefix: CC-CP1
Cost: $249
Age: 21+

Chris Cerino Combat Pistol 1 (1 Day Course)
Learn to run the gun with the proper skills and mindset. Manipulation and handling skills need to become automatic and performed without conscious thought. This training provides the repetitious nature that builds the performance you need in self-defense and competition. Start the journey toward mastery.

Special Concerns: This class involves extensive amounts of weapon manipulation. Full focus and attention to detail is necessary. All Combat Pistol training is fast-paced. There are no regular breaks to limit down time. On the range, you will be occupied loading magazines and taking notes between shooting drills.

Specific training is provided in the following areas:
Essential skills
Modern grip
Handling and manipulation skills
Malfunction clearance
Reload drills (all types)
Demystification of shooting
Drills you can take to the range

Required Equipment:
Appropriate range attire
Appropriate training holster w/ magazine pouch
Sturdy belt
Handgun w/ 3 magazines
Hearing & eye protection
450 rounds of ammunition

Chris Cerino has been training law enforcement officers, military operators, and civilians for more than 20 years. A Lawman for 25 years, he has worked as Peace Officer in a variety of positions from municipal and county to state and federal agencies. He is the field host of Gun Venture, Gun Talk TV, Guns and Gear, and a lead trainer and host of the First Person Defender series. An internationally known firearms instructor, Chris is a published writer on the topics of firearms training and instruction and pursues validation in the skills he teaches by competing nationwide.

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