Course Title: Chris Cerino 2 Day Combat Pistol Course
Course Prefix: CCCP
Cost: $400.00
Age: 21+

Combat Pistol (2 Days)

In a gunfight or any competition the body goes on auto pilot while the brain processes the problem and solutions. A human given no time to think will react as they have been trained. This training has produced more real life gun fighters than you will ever know. This two-day immersion hammers marksmanship and weapons handling skills. Not for beginners, Combat Pistol combines the essentials of marksmanship with the principles of combat shooting and places them into a hierarchy of necessity and importance. Training focuses on a mastery of the basics in a highly diagnostic fashion.   Master the critical aspects of muscular-skeletal alignment, platform, pistol presentation, modern grip, and trigger management.  Common misconceptions regarding shooting are addressed.

Special Concerns: Combat Pistol is a fast-paced program that is physically demanding with extensive amounts of shooting and weapon manipulation. Full focus and attention to detail is completely necessary. When on the range, you’ll be occupied loading magazines and taking notes between shooting drills.

Specific training is provided in the following areas:

Safety, Care & Maintenance

Essential skills

Handling & Manipulation skills

Malfunction clearance

Firing techniques

Multiple targets

Emergency reloads, Reloads w and w/o retention

Required Equipment: Appropriate range attire. Daily work holster and/or daily carry w/ magazine pouch, handgun w/ 3 magazines, hearing & eye protection, and 800 to 1000 rounds of ammunition.

Registration and prepayment are required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

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