Caton McBride


Caton McBride

Caton grew up in the Tryon, NC area hunting, fishing, and playing baseball. He served with 101st Airborne  as an infantryman for 4 years. After getting out he joined the Asheville Police Department. Retiring after 25 years with Asheville NC Police Dept and Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office. He served 17 years on Tactical teams as a precision marksman, Field Training officer and firearms instructor conducting pistol and rifle training for the BCSO and Community College. Caton is a NRA Life member holding rifle and pistol instructor ratings. He as competed in high power rifle competitions, and is also a  NAUI scuba instructor and public safety diver.


Caton’s favorite firearms are:


Glock 19

SW Revolver

M1A or M4.

Caton teaches many classes at Point Blank Range :

Concealed carry, Retired Law Enforcement (LEOSA) HR218, private instruction, Active Shooter Preparedness, and the rifle portion of Teens on Target.