Point Blank Range Training Academy is excited to introduce our incentive Training Bundles program!

We have package together various related classes and have past the savings on to you. These Training Bundles are design to effectively maximize your training progression yet provide flexibility with your schedule.  Please contact us for details!

Concealed Carry Training Bundle: $150.00
NC CCH Permit Class – Standard (value $99.00)
Defensive Handgun I (value $75.00)
Value: $174.00

Ladies Concealed Carry Training Bundle: $175.00
Ladies Only NC CCH Permit Class – Standard ($99.00)
Beginner Handgun Fundamentals ($100.00)
Value: $199.00

Defensive Handgun Bundle: $245.00
Mooresville Location Only
Defensive Handgun I ($75.00)
Defensive Handgun II ($75.00)
Defensive Handgun III ($75.00)
Defensive Handgun IV ($75.00)
Value: $300.00

Come in and ask an associate today!