Beginner Handgun Fundamentals

Course Title: Beginner Handgun Fundamentals
Course Prefix: BHF
Cost: $75
Age: 12+

Beginner Handgun Fundamentals

Beginner Handgun Fundamentals is a Beginner Level Handgun Course designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling of and proper orientation for semi-automatics and revolvers. This course is a minimum of three hours and includes classroom and range time.

Topics covered:
• Handgun Safety
• Common Pistol Action Types (DA Revolver, SA Revolver, Pistols)
• Ammunition Knowledge
• Shooting fundamentals
• Cleaning, Care, Maintenance
• Continued opportunities for skill development
• Range time
• PBR Certificate of Completion

The course comes complete with a live fire practical application. (Pistols and ammunition are supplied for the live fire practical application).

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Greg Morris, NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor

Colin McGuffin, Instructor