Beginner Defensive Handgun

Course Title: Beginner Defensive Handgun
Course Prefix: BDH
Cost: $45
Age: 21+

Beginner Defensive Handgun

Beginner Defensive Handgun is designed for students who own a firearm and have progressed through an entry level program or 1-on-1 lesson and now desire to build a solid base of proper technique.  The course is 2 hours in length and will help prepare students for the basic skill sets they will encounter in Defensive Handgun 1. This course will also help the student select the proper gear needed for the course and practice safe gun handling.

Material Covered will include:

Sight alignment & trigger control
Gear Selection & placement
Drawing from holster

Equipment needed:

Semi-auto handgun
Quality non-collapsing holster (Leather or Kydex) No Nylon holsters
50 rounds of ammo
Pen & paper

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Daniel Richardson – 
Chief Instructor

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Drew Upton –
Certified Instructor

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