Course Title: Advanced Concealed Carry
Course Prefix: ACC
Cost: $55
Age: 21+

Advanced Concealed Carry

Point Blank Range – Matthews is proud to present our redesigned Advanced Concealed Carry course. This is a performance based training course that adapts to each shooter on an individual level. Students who have completed the concealed carry permit course and who have completed Defensive Pistol 1 are eligible to attend. Students will learn the basics of carrying a concealed firearm and will be able to employ their firearm from concealment should the need arise. This course is a must for any person who desires to carry a concealed firearm!

This is not a concealed carry permit certification course!

Prerequisites: (Defensive Pistol 1 & valid Concealed Carry Permit)

Topics covered:
• Drawing from concealment
• Accuracy drills
• Multiple target engagement

Required Equipment:
• Semi auto handgun .380 caliber or higher, (No Revolvers)
• 100 rds of ammo
• A kydex or good quality leather holster set up to be run inside the waist band or OWB with a cover garment. (No Nylon holsters)
• 2-3 magazines
• Note taking material
• Positive attitude and open mind

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Daniel Richardson – 
Chief Instructor

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